4 Season Greenhouses & Outbuildings will custom design and build the perfect Gothic or Hoop Greenhouse to meet all your needs.  We are the ONLY designers to use *State-of-the-Art CLEAR Shrink Wrap, "tightly wrapped" over galvanized steel custom bent poles and wood framework to protect your garden from the extreme Montana environment and to insure a long-lasting, well built, good looking Greenhouse. 

*We are the ONLY shrink wrap manufacturing and engineering company that shrinks the material tight as a drum to protect your greenhouse from the extreme Montana environment.  This process also enhances the look - no loose, draping walls. 

We use only Galvanized Steel for our structures that we fabricate and engineer for your personalized Greenhouse.

Our custom built Greenhouses will protect your garden from devastating loss or damage caused by cold, wind, snow, rain - "Montana Weather" - and from wildlife damage and will help control weeds and insects.  We provide a design based upon your needs and can include many different options to customize your structure to fit your needs:  many different styles of doors and entryways, windows, vents, etc.
To "top it off," your cost is 25% to 50% the cost of any mail order greenhouse kit on the market.  Since they are DIY Kits, you then have to put it together yourself and they are complicated puzzles.

We save you time and money by designing to your needs and then our experienced builders use only long lasting proven materials, protecting you from Montana weather and wildlife and you can grow earlier and harvest later!

Start your garden early and harvest when it's time to, not when you have to!

Prices vary by size, design and extras.

 Call Kip for more Info:  (406) 212-7369.